Install Skrol on iPhone

Install Skrol for iPhone

To install the beta version of Skrol, please enter your first and last names, the email address accessible on your iPhone, and press the Request Invite button:

After completing the above step, check your email inbox for a message with the "TestFlight" subject line:

Please open this email and tap the View in TestFlight button. The TestFlight is an iPhone app by Apple. It is required to install beta versions of the new iPhone apps:

If you don't have the TestFlight app already installed, you will see the following page in the browser:

Follow the three steps above to complete the Skrol installation. If you have the TestFlight app already installed, then you'll see this page:

Tap the Install button to complete the Skrol app installation.

After completing the installation, we recommend moving the Skrol icon to the first page of the Home screen so that you can access your contacts and digital business cards faster:

That’s it! Just tap the Skrol icon and enjoy using the app! 

Initially, your Skrol may not look as attractive as it does in our videos because your contacts don’t have photos and much information associated with them. But eventually, it will. 

We recommend viewing the Introduction video on the home page or inside the app (Settings/User Guide/Skrol Introduction command) and following the same steps to update your contacts with photos and scan some of the business cards you may have in your drawer. After a short while, your contacts will look as attractive as ours!

Is it safe to use a beta version of Skrol?

Is it safe to use a beta version of Skrol?

Skrol for iPhone has been reviewed by Apple's App Store compliance team and approved for public beta testing. This step aims to make sure the app works well, eliminate possible bugs, and address any concerns you may have.

We've been using Skrol internally since July of 2022 and conduct thorough testing across over 400 functions and settings for each release. 

As with all apps of this size and complexity, we anticipate minor cosmetic and performance issues we may have missed. In the unlikely event, the app stops functioning, you can continue using the iPhone's Contacts app as before. 

Your contacts are also safe because the iPhone maintains a 24/7 rolling backup so that you can restore your contacts database to any point back in time.

We are standing by to review and address any issues you may encounter. Please use the app's Settings/About and Support/Contact support commands to contact us for assistance.

Thank you in advance for your help with testing the app. By becoming a beta tester, you will have an opportunity to influence future developments of Skrol, stay in touch with its development team, obtain priority support, and always be the first to receive new features and versions. Even more important, your help today will help millions of people to enjoy Skrol tomorrow.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!

Skrol development team!