The better you know Skrol, the better it gets!

Easy to use doesn’t mean dumbed-down to the core. The videos below will help you master the app and accomplish a lot more work with a lot less time and effort. If your time is, indeed, money, then Skrol for Work is the best tool for saving you both!

The best contact organizer for Gmail since, well, Gmail itself

The web-based version of Skrol is best suited for Gmail and Google Calendar users because no other email and calendar apps offer a similar level of integration. Any changes made inside the web app are automatically synchronized with Skrol, Gmail, and Google Calendar on your iPhone and vice-versa.

The speediest way to print labels and envelopes!

We went out of our way to design a printing tool when a hand-written shipping label, envelope, postal form, or visitor tag wouldn’t cut it for a professional office or well-organized event. You can use Skrol for Work to print personalized mailing labels, name tags, badges, and postal forms for any number of people. It’s a great convenience for anyone sending packages or organizing conferences, seminars, meetups, weddings, and similar other events. This video shows how:

Skrol for Web — a Tool Built for Work!

The web version of Skrol is intended for tasks that aren't possible or practical to do on a mobile phone. Here is Skrol running on Windows PC, MacBook Air, and iPad:

When the going gets tough, the tough go to Skrol!

There is no better tool for seeking help from your network of friends, mentors, and advisers than Skrol. The larger the network — the more help you get! In this respect, the size of your proverbial 'address book' may impact your future more than any other measurable factor. Skrol is the only app with enough breadth and depth to match the scaling up of your personal and professional growth! Install Skrol for Work on your Mac, PC, Chromebook, or any large tablet, and start building your networks now!

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022