Skrol for Web vs. Popular organizers

Thanks to the conventional monitor, keyboard, and mouse, the desktop version of Skrol is better suited for importing, adding, organizing, and maintaining a large number of contacts. It is also unmatched for researching contacts on the web, leveraging Gmail for email marketing, and scheduling events with Google Calendar. The table below compares Skrol with leading contacts organizers for desktop computers - Google Contacts, Apple Contacts and Contacts+.

Google Contacts database
Amazon Gifts
Data columns in list view
Sort column ascending/descending
Pin the contact name column
Resizable columns
Hide/show desired columns
Rearrange columns with drag-and-drop
Inline editing of the view grid
Copy/Cut/Paste between cells
Actionable cells (tap or click to make calls, send texts, emails, get directions, print envelopes, etc.)
Custom list layouts (select columns to show)
Full keyboard navigation
Custom shortcuts for key functions
Set the state of the program at a new opening
Optimized for large and small monitors
Gallery mode for contacts
Adjust display density
Dark mode
Touchscreen mode
Monochrome theme
High contrast theme
Large print theme
Unlimited custom themes
Search as you type (real-time)
Google search
Global filter search
Queries (and/or logic on multifields)
Search by date added
Search history
Search photos on the web
Search the Internet by phone, email, address & more
Add/remove contacts to group with a click
Integrate dialing with a VoIP PBX
Fax (via FaxZero)
Creating and scheduling events & meetings
Driving directions
Order and send gifts
Print contact information
Export contacts
Real-time sync with Google contacts
Merge duplicated contacts
Trash folder
Frequently contacted group
Contacts history
Smart tags (missing info or added from emails signatures)
Custom salutation for email
Social networks
Custom fields
Global custom fields
File attachments
20 more popular sites and custom editor
Copy template for contact’s name & address
Ask people to add their information remotely
Transfer contact information from emails
Add and update contact information from webpages
Copy and paste contact information from documents
Drag & drop vCards directly to the app
Finding and one-click connecting to social profiles
QR codes sharing via phone camera scanner
QR codes sharing via emails & copy to clipboard
Share contact information (vCard) by email
Import business cards
CSV file
Tab-delimited text file
Excel file (XLS)
vCard file
Custom column assignment
Custom field tags assignment
Custom formatting of dates and phone fields
Case normalization
Assigning titles (Mr., Ms.) based on the first name
Import preview
Store import profiles for recurring imports
Importing to specific group
Integration with Google Calendar
Virtual scheduler chart
Calendar event templates
Reminders & anniversaries notification
Integration with Gmail
Compose window with multi-functional toolbar
Show email messages directly in the app
Email to all, groups, multiselect
Group email with mail merge
Unlimited email templates
Sending Gmail messages (via API)
Sender information sidebar
Adding email sender to Skrol from signatures
Research senders on the web
One-click emails history
Adding new contacts from webpages or emails
Update contact info from selection
Adding selected text to the note field
Find and replace photos from web or social sites
Link contacts to web pages automatically
Find and one-click connecting to social pages
Collect contact data from Yelp
Address validation service (USPS)
Gender suffix validation (Mr., Ms., etc.)
Company name validation
Title validation (Dr., Hon., etc.)
Prefix validation (Ph.D, M.D., etc.)
Authorization PIN code
Data server location
Google backup (via Google Contacts)
Google data security
Google antivirus protection
Google login
Print to one, groups, multiselect
Print preview
Form templates
Address templates
Custom forms templates
Editing the text and images inside of forms
USPS forms
Avery labels
Badges passes
Double-sided forms
Available / Supported / Included / Connected;
Not available / Not supported / Not included;
Via Google Contacts app;
Premium feature.

How come no one has done an app like Skrol before?

We’ve been asking the same question for years. Eventually, we took a plunge and came up with Skrol. So, please, consider the following questions instead:

— Will Skrol help me accomplish more while working less?

— Will I be able to work “the old-fashioned way” after what I’ve just seen?

— Will I finally free myself from duplicate contacts in different apps and devices?

If your answers are what we think they are, pre-order your Skrol for web now! 

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022