Add contacts without typing

Most people give up on using contact organizers because adding new contacts by hand, let alone on a smartphone, is such a pain. Not so with Skrol because you wouldn’t need to type in most cases. To start select one of these five hands-free options:

Business card scanner

Skrol will recognize and add the available information into a new folder with nearly 100% accuracy.

Scan QR codes

All the QR code-related information added to Skrol will appear near-instantly in iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and CarPlay Contacts apps and all other apps and services compatible with the iCloud Contacts database.

Paste from the Clipboard

You can copy contact information from emails, texts, websites, documents, or any other source and paste it directly to Skrol. The app breaks Clipboard content into contact fields, such as email, phone number, website, first name, last name, title, suffix, company name, stress address, city, state, and others:

Adding contacts from vCards

vCard is a data interchange format standard for electronic business cards. These cards are commonly attached to e-mails, text messages, and QR codes:

Add current location

Whenever you are, the “Add current location” option creates a new folder and adds the current address. You can also add the current location address to existing records:

Research contacts on the web

Skrol helps you research your contacts on the web and add relevant information to their folders without typing. To start, select the command from the “Search the web for” menu:


Skrol ensures that you never miss important events in the lives of your family members, friends, and associates. The Reminders page is a place to view, search, and manage pending, current, and expired reminders:

Reminders work even when Skrol isn’t active or running

When the app is closed, you will receive notifications about pending reminders on the Lock Screen, inside the Notification Center, as banners inside apps, and as the badge in the upper right-hand corner of the app icon:

Resolving reminders

The Reminders folders will help you send a gift, add a reminder to your calendar, snooze it, or postpone until the next year. And all other options to reach out to Emily a wish her a happy birthday:

Actions History

You can instruct Skrol to log all your calls, emails, messages, chats, and other actions, including your location at the time of the contact:

Directions and rides

You can use the mapping apps from Apple, Google, and Waze. When using Apple CarPlay, the names and addresses of all people and places inside Skrol will also appear there.

Search and Navigation

Skrol is optimized for managing multiple groups of different people. The smallest group is represented by immediate family and close friends whom your contact often via the Favorites group. Next are the groups of co-workers, key clients, or other friends whom you contact less often, and groups like doctors, attorneys, and plumbers whom you contact mostly in emergencies:

Groups for multiple accounts

Skrol can manage address books from different accounts, such as Google and iCloud, or more than one account of the same type. Each address book may have any number of groups specific to this book, and these groups may have the same names, such as Favorites or Family:

Extensive search options

The Search options menu lets you select seven types of searches and search history. Since Skrol supports multiple address books from different connected accounts, all of them are included in a search unless, optionally, you exclude some:

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