Skrol vs. Popular Contact Apps on iPhone

Skrol for iPhone is a chock-full of practical functions — more than in any other app of this kind. But rest assured, they aren't there for the sake of "featuritis" or at the expense of ease of use. In fact, you'll find Skrol easier to use and master than the barebone Contacts app that came with your phone. The table below compares Skrol with leading contacts organizers for desktop computers -  Apple Contacts, Cardhop, and Contacts+.

Business card scanner
Scan QR code
Paste from the Clipboard
Predictive alphabet (1st and 2nd letters)
Match any words (multiple words)
Match all words (find with several criterias)
Fuzzy voice search (the app will display a list of phonetically-close names)
Search history
Actions via search bar (add or delete contact, send emails, call to contact, etc.)
Search for groups
Create groups from search results in one tap
Sort contacts order by info – name, organization, email domain, country, state, city, ZIP
Multiselect for contacts, select all contacts
Actions for multiselect (send email, etc.)
Management actions for multiselect (delete, add to a group)
Send email to a group
Perform actions via swipes right from the list
Actions history
Merge duplicates
Save actions location
Manage groups (add, delete, rename, add contacts to a group)
Rotate phone to show users business card and QR code
Keep several business cards
Publish business cards on the web page
Share contacts QR code
SMS templates
Email templates
Schedule events
Add reminder (task) with contact
Make directions via Google Maps or Apple Maps
Integration with Uber, Lyft and Waze for directions
Send my location
Attach and open relatives contact folder
Swipe between folders for quick viewing end editing
Search contact information on the web for adding photo, sites, addresses, and other information to the folder without typing
Attach image (or bCard capture) to the contact folder
Biometric security
Restore deleted contacts
Siri / Google Assistant shortcuts for voice commands
Support foreign addresses and phone numbers
Shortcuts for contacts and events to the Home screen
Switch between accounts right from the contacts list
Birthday reminders
Event, anniversary and wedding reminders
Search by event type and contact name
Add events to the Google Calendar
Reminder widget to Home screen
Reminder notifications directly from the app
Available / Supported / Included / Connected;
Not available / Not supported / Not included;
Via Apple Contacts app;
Premium feature.

Why wouldn’t Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Facebook develop an app like Skrol?

Apple certainly may because it employs a vast number of some of the best designers, managers, and programmers in the world who could do just about anything they wish short of opening an Apple store on Mars.

Besides, the Skrol app wouldn’t be possible without all of the tools and computing infrastructure that Apple has provided for developers like us to encourage them to design the apps like Skrol. In that sense, we consider Apple a partner rather than a potential competitor.

Without a doubt, Google is just as capable as Apple. Still, its arrays of consumer-grade apps are relatively humdrum, because, just like Apple, they prefer to focus on grander projects than a mere contact organizer. Since we will release an Android-based version of Skrol soon, we also consider Google a partner.

Microsoft’s development infrastructure is on par with Google’s and Apple's, and they can eventually develop an app comparable to Skrol. Will it be as good as Skrol? We will not know until we see one a year or two from now. Keep in mind that at that time, we’ll also be a year or two ahead of them.

Facebook is an advertising/publishing/communication/ metaverse juggernaut and one of the best in the world in its respective markets. For that reason, it doesn’t develop or support apps like Skrol. Also, considering all of their problems with a good number of courts, regulators, and alphabet agencies in the United States and European Union, they already have their hands full.

In addition to all of the above, these Goliaths ruthlessly compete with each other, while an ultimate contacts organizer needs to be a good friend to all of their peers. And that — that Apple, Google, Microsoft,  and Facebook — will intermarry for the greater good of their respective clients is even less likely to happen than the Democrats and Republicans merging into one party.

So, for the betterment of humankind, this proverbial David is working hard toward becoming a contacts organizer of choice for the iPhones and Androids of the hard-working executives and employees at all four. To get started with Skrol, reserve your copy or join the beta-testing program now!

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022