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Skrol is organized into Address books, Lists and Galleries, Groups, and Folders. This structure is identical to the iPhone's Contacts app but is optimized for privacy and ease of use. Here is a brief description of each component and their respective benefits:

Digital business cards

The chances of people retyping your business card info into their phone are slim because it's a hassle. Instead, flip Skrol horizontally to reveal your touchless business card with a QR code. This way, everyone you meet can instantly add your contact information to their smartphone. And unlike a conventional business card, a QR code can pass links to Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, product pages, chat services, photos, and a brief searchable bio.

Adding and researching contacts

Many people give up on using contact organizers because adding new contacts by hand, let alone on a smartphone, is such a pain. Not so with Skrol because you wouldn’t need to type in most cases. Researching contacts on a smartphone is even more challenging because you need to retype or copy/paste names into the browser. And good luck adding found information from the browser to the contact folder, especially images, links, and addresses. Skrol solves all that, and here is how:

Add new contacts with little or no typing

The Add new contact menu below lets you select five ways of adding a new contacts to your address book. Four of them are near instant because you don't need to type:

Research contacts on the web

Skrol will help you research your contacts on the web and add relevant information to their folders with little or now typing.

Using Skrol to interact with people and apps

Plain vanilla organizers don't get much use because they focus mainly on storing names, emails, and phone numbers. Not surprisingly, all people-related apps, such as WhatsApp or LinkedIn, develop their own contacts list, each with its own user interface and quirks. To get in touch with anyone, you need to locate and open the app first, find the person next, and, finally, open their folder. Not so with Skrol — just tap the service icon you wish to use, and it instantly opens a related app with the contact's name in focus, ready to start a call or chat. Here is how it works:

Reminders list

Skrol ensures that you'll never miss important events even when the app isn't running.

Actions history

You can instruct Skrol to log all your calls, emails, messages, chats, and other actions, including your location at the time of the contact.

Calls, Messages, FaceTime

A plain phone number is only meant for voice calls, while a number connected to an iPhone can also take text messages and FaceTime calls. With Skrol, a single tap initiates the right kind of interaction.

Directions and rides to anyone and from anywhere in a tap

Skrol lets you get directions from your home, work, or current location to anyone and back in a few taps.

Integration with email and messaging

If you find yourself sending similar text messages or emails, again and again, you can save a good deal of time by using templates instead. This way, you can accomplish the same tasks in a fraction of the time. Templates are especially handy on the go, in the car, or if you aren't a fast typist.

Sending text messages without typing

You can create any number of personalized SMS templates that can include a person's name, time, day, duration, and location.

Email templates

You can create unlimited email templates for sending personalized messages to any person, group ,or selection of contacts.

Search and Navigation

Skrol is optimized for managing multiple groups of different people. The smallest group is represented by immediate family and close friends whom your contact often via the Favorites group. Next are the groups of co-workers, key clients, or other friends whom you contact less often, and groups like doctors, attorneys, and plumbers whom you contact mostly in emergencies. Finally, there are extended family, former classmates, and distant friends that we seldom contact, and the largest group are the people we hoard just in case but rarely if ever, contact again. These people are rarely organized into specific, memorable groups, so we need a reliable search to find them. This section is about ensuring you can get in touch with everyone important reliably and find the rest when “just in case” becomes the case.


You can create any number of groups of related people and companies in seconds. They are best for Friends, Family, Classmates, Clients, Services, and other similarly related contacts.

Searching for a needle in a haystack? No problem...

Finding anyone fast is essential for address books with hundreds, let alone thousands of names. The Search options menu below lets you select different types of searches:

The structure of the well-organized contacts organizer

Skrol is organized into Address books, Lists and Galleries, Groups, and Folders. This structure is identical to the iPhone's Contacts app but is optimized for privacy and ease of use. Here is a brief description of each component and their respective benefits:

Address books from any source

You can connect Skrol to the address books of all services listed below. Tap the illustration to learn more.

List view

A scrollable list of names is a natural and efficient way to locate and view contacts, hence the word "Skrol" in the app's name.

Contact folders in the view mode

Skrol lets you store any reasonable number of emails, websites, phone numbers, notes, addresses, social links, chat sites, names of relatives, and anniversaries.

Help topics

To help you master the app, we've included a user guide into the app. It breaks down each topic into smaller subtopics, as illustrated below:

Skrol makes your favorite iPhone apps even more useful!

A contact organizer is only as good as its ability to connect you to people inside it. Below are some of the most popular apps that do just that -- send emails, schedule meetings, make phone calls, send messages, provide directions, find people, empower chats, and enable social interactions:

You can send personalized emails without leaving Skrol with a Gmail account. Apple Mail requires an extra step.

One tap from inside a contact folder adds pending reminders to Google or Apple Calendar directly from Skrol and with no typing.

Dialer, Messages, and FaceTime interact with Skrol just like Apple Contacts. You can use templates to send text messages from Skrol.

You can get directions from/to any address or from/to the current location with just a few taps right from Skrol.

You can select a preferred browser among the above apps for opening contacts-related web links from inside Skrol.

You can designate the search engine of your choice for researching contacts and transferring results back to Skrol.

You can start chat sessions with anyone directly from Skrol. The app will memorize the last service you used to speed up the process.

You can find and connect to anyone's social pages directly from Skrol with all popular social sites or add your own.

Interacting with the apps above directly from Skrol gains you several practical benefits: no need to peck through multiple home screens to open them, no need to memorize their interfaces, and no need to search inside for a person you wish to contact because Skrol completes all of these steps with a single tap!

Get Started in Minutes‭, ‬Enjoy the Journey for Life‭!‬

Despite having so many functions and options, you’ll master Skrol in no time because of its user-centric design. You also wouldn’t find any other organizer as future-proof as Skrol because it leverages so many advanced capabilities of the iPhone. We are positive Apple will continue making iPhone more and more capable, and so will Skrol. To start, reserve your copy now or join the beta-testing program!

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022