What is the value of a priceless tool?

To upgrade your Android smartphone to a level of functionality and productivity similar to a free version of Skrol, you'll need to buy, install, configure, and learn up to five additional apps from the following product categories:

Premium Contacts apps:

Contacts+ — $100 yearly, 3.4

InTouch Contacts — $60/$120/$280 yearly, 3.9

Sunchine Contacts — $9.99/$39.99 for in-app purchases to sync, 4.8

Business card scanners:

CamCard Reader — $100 yearly, 4.0

BizConnect — $70 yearly, 2.6

Business Card Scanner by Covve — $60 yearly, 4.7

Digital business cards:

Popl — $90 yearly, 4.7

CamCard — $100 yearly, 4.4

Blinq — $48 yearly, 4.9

Linq — $60 yearly, 4.5

Contacts management utilities:

Contacts Optimizer — $8.99 for Pro version, 4.3

Easy Contacts Cleaner — free, 4.7

Simple Contacts — free, 4.1

Email marketing services:

GetResponse — from $150 yearly, 4.2 (1000 contacts / unlimited emails)

ActiveCampaign — from $180 yearly, 4.1 (10 000 emails per month)

MailChimp — from $150 yearly, 4.5 (500 contacts / 5000 emails per month)

Empower your iPhone with a free copy of Skrol!

Most apps and services above may have trial or free versions with reduced functionality. Still, that's quite a cost and effort when considering the time you'll need to install, configure, evaluate, and learn how to use any of them (prices and ratings collected on August 2023).

On the other hand, the free version of Skrol will replace all of them with no limitations, no registration, no personal data collection or tracking, no resale of your private information, and no transfer of your contacts to outside servers. To boot, it is free for life.

Tap the Get it on Google Play button below to get your free copy. All changes you make inside Skrol are instantly updated in your current Contacts app and vice-versa. Registration isn't required, and you can continue using the Contacts app alongside Skrol as you did before.

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022