A Contacts App for Anyone Above Average

Because of its depth and versatility, Skrol can accommodate the personal needs of business owners, professionals, and executives in many different fields and roles. It is particularly valuable for business use because it is accessible round-the-clock on all types and brands of computers and devices at home and work. Below is the light-hearted compendium of the most likely “use cases” for the desktop version of Skrol:

Skrol is an indispensable tool for executives and managers

of any level because it lets you contact and coordinate your teams via voice, email, text, or chat on a moment’s notice and from any place you are. This ability becomes even more critical in a crisis.

Skrol is a vital tool for a busy executive assistant

who supports several bosses and needs to coordinate all of their contacts and schedules at the same time and on one screen.

Skrol is a must-have for an emphatic team leader

because it never forgets essential details about your colleagues and their families — names, birthdays, anniversaries — and reminds you about these important events as they come.

Skrol is a jack of all trades for professionals and business owners

who have ever considered using a clunky CRM or had the misfortune of dealing with “email” or “marketing automation” apps and services. It does 80% of what these complicated programs supposed to do with 20% of the effort.

Skrol is a necessity for teachers and school administrators

who need to keep track of students in different classes, and having instant access to them and their parents and guardians by phone, email, Zoom, or chat, or all three at the same time.

Skrol is a networker’s dream come true

because who is who in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, or Hollywood isn’t WHO because of who was their daddy, but because of their lifelong care and nurture of the WHO in their contact organizers.

Skrol is a godsend for private eyes or police detectives

who manage multiple investigations, court cases, and need to keep track and stay in touch with countless defendants, plaintiffs, judges, attorneys, witnesses, experts, snitches, and other participants.

Skrol is an essential tool for journalists and investigative reporters

because it will keep a thorough track of countless sources throughout your entire career. Near-instant access to reliable sources is what you need to stay on top of your profession when a breaking story happens.

Skrol is a secret weapon of influence for lobbyists

because politicians of all stripes trust and respect well-connected people who can help them when they crave help. A broad network of reliable contacts in your Skrol app is what makes you an ultimate insider and influencer.

Skrol is a sine qua non for a venture capitalist

who manages multiple startups because it allows you to group, cross-reference, research, and classify founders, directors, advisors, co-investors, key clients, influencers, suppliers, consultants, competitors, and all other parties that are instrumental to the long-term success of your investments.

Skrol is a tour de force app for startup founders

who aspire to give birth to unicorns because that feat requires you to possess most of the social, networking, and organizational traits and skills of all of the people listed above and below.

Skrol is a weapon of mass persuasion for public relations pros

because it will help you contact the right members of the press and social media with the right information over the right channel and at the right time.

Skrol is a practical necessity for directors, event producers, and production managers

because it excels at keeping track of any number of project participants and assemble new teams on-demand with a speed of light.

Skrol is a must-have tool for anyone looking to upgrade their job

because it will help you to research and stay in touch with a large number of insiders who can recommend you for an open position with ease and grace.

Skrol is a perfect companion for fund-raisers

because getting free money just for the asking is an art in itself. Go try to become a good “artist” — likable, convincing, credible, and trustworthy — without a people’s tool like Skrol in your toolbox.

Skrol is a godsend for anyone organizing Zoom events

because it makes it fast, simple, and accurate, especially when you need to set up a meeting with more than a few people.

Skrol is a requisite app for performers who are living from gig to gig

because it integrates all of the tools needed to promote, schedule, and manage events with new and existing clients in one place.

Finally, Skrol is a must-have app for an ambitious student

because building a trusted network of people who will support and advance your professional growth starts at the middle school and goes all the way up and up to whatever summits you aspire to climb.

Skrol for Gmail is available in two flavors

Skrol inside the full-screen browser

Skrol inside the PWA popup window

A browser-based version, similar to Gmail, and a stand-alone PWA app that you can run from Windows or Mac desktop. PWA stands for Progressive Web App. This relatively new technology was pioneered by the late Steve Jobs of Apple fame. It unites the power of cloud-based computing with the power of desktop platforms. You can pick and choose what version to run or use both simultaneously.

Any device that works with Gmail, will work with Skrol!

Thanks to its web-centric architecture and responsive design, you can access Skrol on any Internet-connected device with a contemporary browser, such as Safari, Edge, Firefox, Brave, or Opera. Below are examples of Skrol running on Windows PC, MacBook Air, and 10.2" iPad tablet.

Skrol is a perfect tool for building life-long personal and professional networks!

Over a lifetime, an average person will meet hundreds of good people and do little or nothing about them. An above-average person will meet the same hundreds of the same people over the same lifetime and will save their contact information in an app like Skrol. To start, please click one of the buttons below!

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022