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Here is what I like about Skrol…

Informative List view

Personalized mail merge

Instant access to groups

Turn groups to photo galleries

Elegant contact folders

Reminders for all address books

History log of your actions

Built-in business cards scanner

Digital business cards

Skrol Makes Your Favorite Android Apps Even More Useful!

Voice, messaging, and chat
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Dialer, Messages, and Google Meet interact with Skrol just like with Google Contacts. Plus you can create personalized templates for texting right from Skrol.
Address books
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You can access address books from all Google and Outlook accounts connected to your phone.
How it works?
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Skrol starts working from the moment you install it because it shares the same Google Contacts database with Dialer, Messages, Google Duo, Android Watch, Android Auto, and all other compatible apps.
Email integration
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You can use Gmail and Outlook email apps (or SMTP servers for other services) to send personalized messages to one person, selected people, groups, or everyone.
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For utmost privacy and security, you can select a preferred browser among the above apps to open contacts-related web links directly from Skrol.
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You can add calendar events and pending reminders to the Google Calendar, or Calendly app directly from Skrol.
Search engines
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You can designate a default search engine for researching contacts and transferring search results back to Skrol between Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo search engines.
Directions and mapping
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You can get directions to any address directly from Skrol via Waze, or Google Maps. With a few taps, you can hail a ride via the Uber or Lyft apps.
Social networks
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You can connect directly to anyone's social page from Skrol with a single tap. If a social site supports the share option, you can add them to Skrol.
Images and sharing
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Skrol is integrated with Android's camera, Photos app, Clipboard, Bluetooth, and NFC for sharing and receiving information from other apps and sources.
Chat apps
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Skrol is integrated with popular social chat apps. You can open anyone's chat page directly from Skrol. The app remembers the last service you used to speed up the process.

Take Skrol for a Test Drive!

What Makes Skrol a Professional-Grade Organizer?

Feels familiar from the start
When you open Skrol for the first time, your fingers know exactly where to go and what to do, and you will feel like you've already been using it for ages.
Not just for Apple Contacts
Skrol opens address books from Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, all in the same app, at the same time, and automatically synchronized.
Ergonomic user interface
You can adapt all primary visual aspects of Skrol to your eyesight and dexterity with all of the accessibility options available for the iPhone.
Satisfying user experience
Skrol helps you accomplish more tasks in less time and with less effort. It matters because it will stay on your smartphone for years to come.
Easy to learn and master
Skrol is fast, intuitive, and simple to use because its design is based on the Apple user interface and accessibility principles and guidelines.
Hands-free contacts entry
Includes a business card scanner, QR code reader, clipboard parser, and address detection for adding new contacts without typing.
Mindful of your privacy
The Skrol app does not import, store, mine, or resell your contacts information to anyone and will never do!
Provides extra security
If you prefer your contacts to remain extra private, you can protect Skrol with biometric security or a password.
Gives you a freedom of choice
Skrol is built on top of Apple's iCloud service. For these reasons, your contacts remain yours for life, and will always work with any other app.
Works without the WiFi
You can access contacts' information when WiFi or the Internet isn't available and even while your phone is in Airplane mode.