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The All-in-One Professional-Grade Contacts Manager for Your iPhone!ff ejT ehTThTworthy of your smartphone!

Skrol replaces basic Contacts apps that come with your iPhone or Android with no effort. It compares to those apps the same way a brand-new iPhone compares to a bargain flip phone. The app is free, fast, and easy to use. To learn more, please watch the demo video below.

Skrol is an Apple Contacts-compatible app with a built-in business card scanner, digital business cards, personalized mail merge, and a host of other essential contact management tools.

The app starts working immediately with all of the contacts already on your iPhone, so no import or synchronization is required.

Skrol is optimized to quickly organize your contacts into folders, groups, and multiple address books, and there are several ways to add new contacts without typing.

The app is intended for professionals, executives, business owners who need help organizing a large number of personal and business contacts on their computers and smartphones.

In the video on the right, Leah Masten describes her favorite aspects of Skrol for iPhone. Please watch it to the end, explore the site, and install your free personal copy now!

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022

Skrol makes your favorite iPhone apps even more useful!

A contact organizer is only as good as its ability to connect you to people inside it. Below are some of the most popular apps that do just that -- send emails, schedule meetings, make phone calls, send messages, provide directions, find people, empower chats, and enable social interactions:

Email integration

You can create unlimited custom templates for sending personalized emails right from Skrol to one person, selected people, a group, or everyone.


Skrol is integrated with Apple and Google scheduling apps for adding events and sending invites directly from the app.

Voice, messaging, and chat

Dialer, Messages, and FaceTime interact with Skrol just like with Apple Contacts. Plus you can create personalized templates for texting right from Skrol.

Directions and mapping

You can use all of the above apps to get directions to any address inside Skrol or request an Uber/Lyft ride with a few taps.


You can select a preferred browser among the above apps for opening contacts-related web links from inside Skrol.

Search engines

You can designate the search engine of your choice for researching contacts and transferring results back to Skrol.

Chat apps

You can start chatting with anyone directly from Skrol. The app remembers the last service you used to speed up the process.

Social networks

You can connect to anyone's social page directly from Skrol with a single tap. If a site supports the share option, you can add them to Skrol.

Address books

In addition to Apple, you can use Skrol to access address books from Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, and AOL accounts connected to your iPhone.

Images and sharing

Skrol is integrated with iPhone's camera, Photos app, Clipboard, AirDrop, and NFC for sharing and receiving information from other apps and sources.

Interacting with apps directly from Skrol has several practical benefits. You don't have to go through multiple home screens to open them, you don't have to memorize their interfaces, and you don't have to search inside the app for the person you want to contact. Skrol does all of this for you with a single tap!

Take Skrol for the test ride on Leah’s iPhone!

To reap the most benefits of Skrol, it is best to understand how to use its primary controls and functions. In this video, Leah covers the topics of display ergonomics, using multiple address books, search controls, switching between lists and galleries, adding new contacts without typing, customizing the app, managing reminders, and several others. By the end of the video, you will be able to use the app like a pro!

What makes Skrol a professional-grade organizer?

Feels familiar from the startWhen you open Skrol for the first time, your fingers know exactly where to go and what to do, and you will feel like you've already been using it for ages.

Not just for Apple ContactsSkrol opens address books from Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, and AOL, all in the same app, at the same time, and automatically synchronized.

Ergonomic user interfaceYou can adapt all primary visual aspects of Skrol to your eyesight and dexterity with all of the accessibility options available for the iPhone.

Satisfying user experienceSkrol helps you accomplish more tasks in less time and with less effort. It matters because it will stay on your smartphone for years to come.

Easy to learn and masterSkrol is fast, intuitive, and simple to use because its design is based on the Apple user interface and accessibility principles and guidelines.

Hands-free contacts entryIncludes a business card scanner, QR code reader, clipboard parser, and address detection for adding new contacts without typing.

Mindful of your privacy The Skrol app does not import, store, mine, or resell your contact information to anyone and will never do!

Provides extra securityIf you prefer your contacts to remain extra private, you can protect Skrol with biometric security or a password.

Gives you freedom of choiceSkrol is built on top of Apple's iCloud service. For these reasons, your contacts remain yours for life and will always work with any other app.

Works with or without the InternetYou can access contacts' information when WiFi or the Internet isn't available and even while your phone is in Airplane mode.

Empower your iPhone with a free version of Skrol!

You can continue using Apple Contacts alongside Skrol because it is 100% compatible with all iPhones and third-party apps. Registration isn't required. If getting done more, better, and faster is what you are after, adding Skrol to your iPhone is a no-brainer. Start using it now!

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022

Meet my big brother — the Skrol for Work!

When it comes to demanding work, no smartphone is as efficient as a regular computer or large tablet. This way, while at work, you can continue using Skrol on your Mac, PC, Chromebook, or iPad and keep your phone on silent. To learn more, please click the play button:

Pre-order now to lock in early access to Skrol for Work!

We anticipate releasing the Skrol for Work in September of 2024. You may cancel your pre-order at any time. If you aren't satisfied after delivery, the app comes with an unconditional no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

We anticipate the release of the skrol for iphone on or around April,15 2022
We anticipate the release of the Skrol app for Android smarphones on or around May 1, 2022